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Sandy Blair Counselling

Outdoor Therapy

Sandy Blair Counselling

If you love nature then outdoor therapy might be the perfect fit. Being surrounded by nature not only brings many of its own physical and mental health benefits, but also people often find it easier to talk and be more open to explore difficult subjects when they are outdoors.

The sessions are tailored around what you want in that day. We can walk next to a gentle river under sheltering trees, or along Portobello beach listening to the waves. If you'd rather not walk we can sit on a bench looking out over the Forth.

Outdoor therapy is suitable for everyone. If you use a wheelchair, have limited or no mobility, or have sensory processing disorders, we can get together and design an outdoor therapy session that works for you.


Our first session will be face to face or online to ensure that outdoor therapy is suitable for your individual and specific needs. At that session I’ll do a risk assessment and go over the differences between therapy indoors/online and outdoors, to make sure that you are safe and supported when we’re outdoors.

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